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Paris is not living up to the dream. For Olivia it's six months into her time there and her creativity has found no fuel for its fire – and worse, she’s still suffering the panic attacks. She is lonely, run dry and defeated. Yet even then, when Agnes turns up at her door peddling the offer one last time, Olivia’s instinct is to say ‘no’. She wants nothing to do with Agnes’ folk music documentary – certainly not to be the focus of it, even though it could put her back on the map. However Agnes will not be easily swayed – and this time knows exactly which buttons to push…

Returning to the UK proves no less dramatic. Her estranged sister Emily is still inhospitable; while Agnes’ true intentions grow alarmingly clear; and the charm of her employee Frankie takes on a poisonous quality. Can this quartet survive on the road, living in a claustrophobic camper, playing folk music for the common man, with the threat of Olivia’s panic attacks ever present? Will their dreams of musical success become a reality – or could they all be derailed by the old adage, “if two’s company, three’s a crowd”?

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